This Is God’s World, Right?

This is God’s world, right?

It’s hard for me to see that sometimes

There’s pollution of God’s Earth at such a crazy rate

There’s more abuse of children and adults than I’m able to comprehend


There’s a great silence from God

A fantastic subtlety

A confusing distance

If you love this life so much

If you like us so intimately

Why are we are expected to discern this in the dark?

Why do we have to find this in the dark?


How are we to know your voice and see your signs?

There are so many conflicting images

Tons of altering and disorienting tones


This is God’s world, right?

Then can someone express to me

What is God doing with my life?


I’m punching

And ducking

Sifting through an enormous pile of data

I wondering

And pulling myself together

Trying to looking alright


But what for?

Can I trust God?

Does God love me?

Does God even like me?

What do I think of God?


This is God’s world, right?

This is God’s world, right?


What’s God doing?

Where is God?

I guess He’s here

I’m having a hard time seeing She or He


But, somehow I know He or She is here

I see evidence, of course

Of some kind of awesome being



Copyright ©2006 Andrew Jack Rhodes


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