Levitation Arrangement

Please levitate

And everything you’re saying
Gets discredited on the way in

You’re a walking contradiction
Looking at the way you’re living

You can’t claim you believe
When you don’t
Don’t state you’re loving
If you won’t
It’s just your foolish pride
That keeps you lying

Come clean
Admit your flaws
Come out of hiding

Please arrange to levitate
Please levitate
Please levitate

Because if we can’t be honest
We’ll never know ourselves
We won’t know when to carry on
Or when to ask for help

I’m looking for hope
In a world of confusion

It may hurt a whole lot
But I must abandon delusions

You tell me I’ve got to hold on
Hold on

You tell me what I’m supposed to living for

I’m so tired of cliches and empty words
I want to uncover some simple mystery
Of this universe

So levitate already

Come on

Copyright ©2015 Andrew Jack Rhodes

(This poem was turned into a song here.)


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