Shades Of Light

Shades of light

Although I drudged around

Savoring all that was dim

All that was dark, all the spite


I rejected the positive

Yearned for excuses

Looking for reasons

Bound to find more negative


But the good stared at me

Wouldn’t move a lick

Stood in my doorway

Overshadowed the bad I could see


Even the failures seemed

To live with a new face

Translated fresh pathways

Of my future, our destiny


Getting up again

Is wrapped much sweeter

A line of hope and fog

Runs together on one plane


Dawning of the real

The whole, the spoken

The living, the healing

I have more than I could steal


Comprehend this story

Unravel the entire plan

Hold in check the players

The characters in the mystery


No, I’ll let them go

Free them to jump

Out of my chains

The process may be slow


I’ll find you there

You see me alongside

Many others who’ve come

A soul’s feast and care


Copyright ©2003 Andrew Jack Rhodes


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