Made of Dreams

Numbers becoming needles

In my mind, in my soul

Fighting and pestering

Grabbing for unprecedented control


A plague of analysis

Taking over all I have

Disconnecting me from the whole


If relaxing is what I must do

Tell me who I should trust

A battle for my soul goes on

Believing that it is really you

Releasing my angst and song

Giving in and giving out

Turning of myself to the flood


I’m covered again

Waves absorbing fear

A platform made of dreams


Figuring what I’ve been figuring

Solving all that must be solved

Forgetting to live in the story

My eyes so closely introspecting


Beginning a saga, another feud

Can I climb through the maze

Find a certain path that won’t sting


It looks like time has gone

I’m still locked up, frozen

Can’t move freely with them

I’m left behind and alone


But you’ve come to help

I don’t know how to speak

Falling down to you in the flood


Copyright ©2002 Andrew Jack Rhodes


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