Fleeting Nine Year Old Bliss

What’s so wrong with your current age?

You haven’t enjoyed being nine?

Another day of it wouldn’t kill you

What’s so great about a teenager’s rhyme?


You can’t drive cars after ten o’clock

Trips to the movies must include boring adults

If one more person gives you cooties

You can’t imagine the results!


Let’s change the focus, my darling

It’s really quite a blessing

My dear, nine years of age is grand

Let’s change your whine and start singing!


Your freedom to enjoy being a kid

Building with Legos, playing house

Older people aren’t encouraged to do these fun things

Your freedom is in the wonder toward what the world is all about


This step for you now is important

Take care to soak up each and every childhood day

It won’t be like this when the years have added up

This step may be the last time others let you play!


Copyright ©2001 Andrew Jack Rhodes


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