Conservative and Liberal at the Same Time

Aren’t you tired of Us VS Them?
Politics and religion on a passing emotional whim
Everyone running around looking for a fight
With their ears turned deaf, hearing just their own plight
Eventually were so polarized and separated
No real dialogue cause we’re already gone

There’s no reason to let ignorance get any stronger
We don’t have to miss the point any longer
Listen up and see a common sense vision swirl
A view of the big and the small world
Among the standards of efficiency
Reconciling the passion of a artist

Now and then I get a faint glimpse
Of a ship that sails without sinking so quickly
It’s on a sea of such great beauty

An ocean of her wisdom surges underneath
She’s conservative and liberal at the same time

Who wants another war to come and go
We might learn nothing again, discerning so slow
Pearl Harbor or 9-11, Iraq or Vietnam
Palestine or Israel, North Korea and Saddam
Can we be shocked when the world hates us
Loves us, confounds us – we forgot they were there

I knew a lady once who broke through this fake smile
And all the propaganda of this self-righteous child
She realized the hidden similarity between the left
The right, and every ideology that says it’s the best
Few people end up caring or listening when they believe
They can save the day by destroying the other voices

Now and then I get a faint glimpse
Of a ship that sails without sinking so quickly
It’s on a sea of such great beauty

In stability, he’s conservative
He dances free just like a liberal

A punk rocker in a three-piece suit

A baby killer from the ACLU

A right-to-lifer from Timbuktu

A homemaker with a postmodern view

A politician with a living conscience

A pop star with a true sense of reverence


A compromise between the black and the white

A balance of truth within the left and the right

A conflict of interest without damning others

A place with loving fathers and wise mothers

A talk show that educates with a heart and a mind

A simple view of life, yet with profound signs


Copyright ©2003 Andrew Jack Rhodes


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