Step and Listen or Listen and Step

Part I (me speaking)

I want to listen

I want to hear

Our song, our love affair

The taste of grace on the leaves and within the air

All those thoughts You have going on up there.


I am home free

A delicate rescue You have allowed

You say there’s more to this journey

Just rest and enjoy now


Part II (from God)

Don’t lose heart

Over past miseries and shortcomings

I’m here with you

I was there always and still giving.

Look ahead

See the rivers and the trees

New branches

Flowers and soothing melodies


I gave you this talent

This art from your Creator

Run with it

No need to wait a day later


I have not forgotten you

Your pain stays with me each moment

I experienced it all

Each laughter and torment

Do you hear Me this second?

Or who is it that is speaking?

Run with Me

Your defense shield is leaking!


Part III (me speaking)

The great bliss

And wonderful sight

The expression on my face

As day turns to night


My fears come back

Arrogant and headstrong

They’ve won so many skirmishes before

Their faces carry no fear at all

I notice the polished armor

The many notches on their belts

They seem so invincible

So brilliant, my pride just melts


The army’s too great

The monster too large

I have a little strength left

But I’ll sound no alarm

My heart must be blank

My soul empty and vain!

There’s no use in standing

I won’t push through the pain



Part VI (from God)

Guess what, I’ve got a good plan

It’s not over yet

A long time, I’ve been in this war

You could call me a vet


Your pain is not isolated

All of us endure this

Don’t forget the grand story

The betrayal with the kiss


I understand your confusion

Your lostness and fright

You didn’t have a leg to stand on

No stability in sight


Hey! Look where you sit

It’s really not the end

I knew that you’d be here

And ready to listen when

Your mind was just broken

All fizzled, nearly dead

You’d wished it was all over

Eleven years of turmoil, denial and dread


Part V (from God)

Keep your ears open

Your personhood responsive

You’re still a design I’m working on

Step where I’m stepping to live


Your pain is not for nothing

And I’ll heal you soon enough

But don’t miss this lesson

No matter how tough


Yes, I’m alive

I’m not dead and I speak

I’ve watched and handled every bit

Of the world’s mischief and grief


Justice is served

And forever will be

The human time frame is

Just one act in the play, you see


Part VI (from God)

Yes, it is vicious and hard

I did not want it this way

My creatures I love

I wish they would stay

In my loving arms

My life breath and peace

Yet they turn away

Accusing Me as a thief


I’ve taken their autonomy

They can’t live alone

Reality is restrictive I say

It changes nothing to beg and moan


There is only one God

And I’m in Three

Happiest as a creature

Happiest you will ever be


Love gives freedom

And I am that Love

Consequences of choices always remain

In this universe, made from above


Copyright ©2001 Andrew Jack Rhodes


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